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About World Wide Web Week

The web is a very, very big world, and with its gateway at the tip of your fingers, World Wide Web week is about educating people and ensuring they’re making the most of it all whilst staying safe and secure. New websites are launched every minute, and there are hundreds of millions of them out there right now. Some share ideas, some share opinions, some share entertainment, some save you money and some make you money – every topic is catered for. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then you could start your own!

So with the over 80% of the UK now online, how do you stay safe whilst being entertained, educated and inspired? Now in its 9th year, World Wide Web is looking to bring you up to date with all aspects of the web – everything from cloud computing to web security, and from making money to saving money.

You can contact us at either for media enquiries, or for partnership enquiries.